5 Things You Need to Work Remotely

July 22, 2020
5 Things You Need to Work Remotely

With the pandemic affecting normal company operations, the layoff of thousands of employees became a tragic reality. This made people apply for jobs online. While others were lucky enough to keep their jobs, they no longer had to physically report to work. Instead they had to work remotely in the comfort of their own home. This arrangement is called telecommuting. Telecommuting, or what we call Work from Home (WFH), is when a person works outside of their company’s location with the use of technology to do their job.

This new normal may have already been a routine for the WFH old-timers, but how should the newbies cope with it? Read on to know more about the things needed to work remotely.

What are the things you need to work remotely?

1. Internet connection

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a remote job that doesn’t require internet access. A reliable internet service is an essential thing the telecommuter needs to work remotely. Basically, staying connected with their employer and getting updates on the job is usually done with the help of the internet.

A stable internet connection is important, as this affects the telecommuter’s productivity. Imagine if they had to come up with excuses to tell their boss because of a lost or unstable connection. This would not make the remote worker seem reliable at all and might affect their chances of getting the next job.

2. Laptop or desktop set-up

While there are some jobs that can be done through the use of mobile phones or tablets, having a laptop/desktop would make the telecommuter more efficient. Depending on the job, there may be different pieces of software needed to accomplish a task.

Most of the time, these software programs are more compatible and easier to use on a laptop/desktop. Some jobs also require additional equipment such as noise-cancelling headphones, and an external webcam. Solely relying on their phones for a job causes distractions as their social media accounts lurk on their phone.

3. Organized office space

Working from home may sound easy and comfortable, but this can also be a disadvantage. It is possible for the telecommuter to be too comfortable with the set-up that he/she forgets a deadline coming up. While working in their own home is a comfort, setting aside an area for his/her office space is also an important thing needed to work remotely. A quiet room would be advisable in order to avoid any problems in case there is a need for audio. 

Designing the space just like a regular office cubicle with its supplies also helps create the atmosphere of a workplace. This is important as it creates a division as to which part of the house is a place for relaxation and which part is for work. Creating this division also helps the remote worker focus on the task at hand thus finishing their work efficiently.

4. Office clothes

The telecommuter may think that clothes are no longer a problem since they are working in the comfort of their own home; however, keeping a few polos or blouses in their closet is essential. They may usually be working in front of their computer, but some employers also conduct meetings through group video calls.

For these scheduled meetings, it is vital that they look presentable to give off a good impression on their employers. There are “new normals” that everyone has to live with, but allowing employers to see them in a sloppy appearance should never be one of them. The concept of appearing smart and presentable in a business meeting should always be followed.

5. Sticking to a schedule

One of the blessings a remote worker enjoys is the flexibility of work hours. They can choose their hours of work, or even comfortably take breaks in between work hours. Shortening the regular 9-5 to a few hours is possible if they are able to accomplish all of their tasks immediately.

While this may be a convenience, it is also easily convenient to slack off with such a flexible schedule. For the telecommuter, creating a work schedule and having the discipline to stick to it is one of the things they need to work remotely. Setting deadlines in their calendars remind them of it also helps.


Telecommuting may sound like an easy job, but it is important to note that it also has its ups and downs. Some pros include: the flexibility of work hours, no longer having to deal with the struggles of commuting, and better work-life balance.

The cons are:

  • many distractions
  • more opportunities to slack off
  • lack of workplace socials.

Before deciding to telecommute, one must make sure they have all the things they need to work remotely. This includes the equipment, office space, and proper mindset to prepare for the tasks at hand.

5 Things You Need to Work Remotely
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